A Boy and His Vision


Troy and Chickapea Farms

Genuine Eco-Artisan Products. Made with Integrity in Artisanship. No Compromise in Quality. And, Using Only Nature's Finest and Greenest Materials.


Chickapea Farms is a dream turned reality for young entrepreneur Troy Walsh.   

What started as a home-school project at his local Farmer's Market has turned into a full-time business.

Since wanting his own business at age 2, Troy finally started his formal business journey at age 5 in 2006, making and selling dog treats at his local Farmer's Market. After finding much success there, he took his dream one step further, following Sir Richard Branson's "Why Not?" philosophy. He grew his product line and successfully gained shelf space in retail stores and online. 

Troy found he has a natural talent as a traditional artisan and craftsman and  is an advocate for greening lifestyles and Mother Earth. By following his dream, instinct, and requests from his retail buyers and customers, Chickapea Farms formed, and now has many avenues to grow into. 

The start of Chickapea Farms is Troy's product line of high quality, limited quantity traditionally-made, green products for your home and lifestyle use. In their making there is no out-sourcing, nor mass-production machinery; just hands on, strong backbones and a lot of elbow grease. As we can meet demand we will consistently be adding more of his products, here, at Chickapea Farms' Artisan Farm Market.

Troy has built, and continues to build and operate, Chickapea Farms' foundation on old fashion integrity, and, guidance from Amish and Indigenous mentors in the ways of using the Earth's most renewable resources and greenest processes, to provide his customers the best service and products possible without monetary greed and harm to Mother Earth.

And, even though Troy calls on his friends, family and mentors for help, he's always at the helm of Chickapea Farms, leading with love in his heart and quality on his mind!

Thank you for walking a green path with Chickapea Farms.

Troy's Favorite Moments

Troy and Tasha


Not only is riding his quad one of Troy's favorite past times but Tasha the Chicken's  too! 

Troy and Kiwi


Quiet moment together. 

Troy and Tasha


Who says Chickens can't wear clothes?...

Tasha does!! 

Young Entrepreneur


Troy starting out selling his dog treats at age six. 

Troy and Big Blue


Getting Big Blue out to cut some field grass. 

Troy and His Grandparents


Making Grandpa's favorite cake from scratch with fresh raspberries and chocolate drizzle. 

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Thank You for Walking a Green Path with Chickapea Farms.