Bee Sweet and Healthy: Our Honey's Tale

An Amish Beekeeper


The tale of our honey, Bee Sweet and Healthy, starts here, with ONE Amish beekeeper we have known and worked with since 1974.

Vast Fields of Wildflowers


He has just over 210 acres of wildflowers. Wildflowers are in every direction as far as you can see. It's here his bees get to live out their days, un-kept by modern-day beekeeping practices.

Age Old Traditions


He doesn't feed the bees in the winter. So they are not given refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. He only medicates his hives with an organic human-grade food mixture. His bees are never given man-made medicines nor chemicals.

Gravity Harvested


He also doesn't spin or use centrifugal force to extract the honey from the comb. He lets it drip out, all on its own. By doing this the live enzymes in the honey are not weakened nor damaged by the g-force or heat as they would be if spun out of the comb like modern day practice.  

Hand Bottled


The stronger the live enzymes the stronger and faster they build your immune system. We have physicians who have recorded substantial improvement to total healing of heart conditions, stabilized diabetic A1C levels and control of severe allergies thanks to the consumption of our honey. All this goodness is hand bottled by us here at Chickapea Farms.  

To Your Table...Yum!


Our honey has been tested and recognized by a leading, internationally  acclaimed, agricultural university's Apiary Department, even surpassing their own, as
"Some of the Best Honey in the Country",
So come, Enjoy It's Pure Goodness!

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Our Three Premier Honeys



Wildflower Pollinated Raw Honey

Raw honey is a power house in and of itself! It aids in the healing of many health issues, from topical to internal for humans and animals. It can be used for many cosmetic purposes and also as a natural sweeter in foods.

Ceylon Cinnamon


Ceylon Cinnamon Infused Raw Honey  

Beside many other health benefits, Ceylon Cinnamon infused raw honey is great for your heart. Outside of America, it is used by doctors around the world for different heart health situations.

NOTE: Ceylon cinnamon contains only minute trace amounts of Coumarin, whereas Cassia cinnamon, readily found on store shelves, contains large amounts of Coumarin which can be toxic to your body if consumed consistently.

Lemon Zest


Lemon Infused Raw Honey

Besides many other health benefits, Lemon infused honey aids in healing sore throats, removing chest congestion and calming coughs. It's also great in tea!

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One honey, many differences

Raw Honey


Raw Honey means honey as it exists in the beehive: honey that has not been heated over 105 degrees or filtered. Raw Honey has all its natural vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients intact.

Crystallized Honey


Many assume that crystallized honey is  spoiled. This is not so. Crystallization naturally happens when glucose, one of the main natural sugars in honey loses moisture and takes the form of a crystal.

Processed Honey


Processed honey is heated over 110 degrees and filtered. This destroys and removes the honey's wholesome properties, eliminating its medicinal benefits but allows it to keep its liquid state much longer.

Creamed / Whipped / Candied


Creamed honey is a result of a controlled crystallization process by the beekeeper. It creating a smooth, creamy and spreadable honey with crystals so small they can't be detected.

Comb Honey


Honeycomb is made up of wax cells created by the bees. It houses the honey within the hive and it is edible by humans. You can swallow it, chew it like gum or spit it out once you chew all the honey out of it.

Health and Flavor Infused


Medicinal benefits can be increased even more by infusing raw honey with herbs and spices. And, infusing it with fun flavorings can add even more excitement to its already great taste.

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