Yes, We Have Big Balls!

Merinos in the pasture


It all starts with the Merino Sheep. Cared for in the most loving and greenest of ways here in Michigan.

Shorning the Sheep


Shorning or shearing the sheep are done by hand with no stress or harm to the animal.

Three Bags Full


Ready to be washed. We wash our wool using only organic soap, boiling hot water and a lot of elbow grease.

Carding Machine


Carding, which really is like combing, the wool. We do not spray our wool with synthetic oils like most mills do during this process.

Rolled Roving


We strategically roll a 32 foot long ribbon of wool, called roving, into a ball to form each dryer ball. No flux centers here!

Incredible by Nature


Because our balls are so large we do have to use a special felting/shrinking procedure for the last few steps of making our wool dryer balls.

Woolly Wonderfuls Merino Wool Dryer Balls


Quick Overview


Unlike toxic dryer sheets and fabric softener, our much larger than normal Merino wool dryer balls:

· Cut drying time on average by 50%, saving money and time.

· Naturally soften and fluff fabrics.

· Eliminate static via the wool fiber’s structure.

· Reduces wrinkles by the wool continually moving moisture through it’s hollow core.

· Remove Pocket tissues, lint and pet hair which all go into/onto the lint screen and not the balls.

· After 3-6 months of continual use they will change the Electromagnetic polarity of your fabrics so that your fabrics will repel pet hair as you hug up on your fur-babies. No more lint rollers! This does not harm fabrics or dryers. This happens because of the type of wool we use and the size of the balls.

· Woolly Wonderfuls will last 20 plus years with annual hot water wash, paying for themselves within months of their initial use.

· Fragrance fabrics by putting essential oils on the dryer balls.

· Hand-made made out of 100% Merino wool sourced from storybook-like farms in Michigan that take pride in a low carbon foot print and humanely caring for their sheep. 

· There is 36 feet of solid Merino wool per ball, with no other filler material or object in their core like most others wool dryer balls now have. i.e. of filler cores other wool dryer ball brands use: Junk wool, Styrofoam balls, plastic balls, even tennis balls.


Woolly Wonderfuls stay dry during the drying process by moving air through little vents in the wool fiber. This process is referred to as the wool “breathing”. Based on this science, the more wool dryer balls you have in your dryer the greater the drying time cut. Because Woolly Wonderfuls are so large 3 are usually sufficient to cut your laundry drying time up to 50%.

About our balls: Woolly Wonderfuls


Yes, we have big balls. And, size does matter. So does the wool used to make wool dryer balls. 

The magic of any wool dryer balls is the wool’s capability to wick moisture. Each type of wool has its own wicking capabilities. Alpaca is known to have no wicking capability, while Merino is known to have the highest wicking capability. All other types of wool fall in the range between the two. We use 100% Merino wool from right here in Michigan.

The structure of a Merino wool fiber is unique. Each fiber can absorb and release up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry to the touch. This is referred to as the wool “breathing”. Each fiber is hollow with side vents that draw in moisture from your wet fabrics. Then air passes through releasing the moisture quickly; cutting your drying time.

So the larger the dryer ball, the more vents. The more vents, the more of a drying time cut. Our finished 4” in diameter, 32’ of solid Michigan Merino wool each, will give you up to a 50% drying time cut on average, where others, at best, only 25%. 

Woolly Wonderfuls will also give you naturally soft, fluffy, wrinkle- and static-free clothes, without using chemical laden dryer sheets or fabric softener. 

Not only do they remove any pet hair from your fabrics but your fabrics will actually start to repel pet hair after 3-6 months of continual use. 

Our Woolly Wonderfuls do this by changing the electromagnetic polarity of your fabrics because of the type of wool they are made of and their size. This does not harm fabrics or dryers but does allow you to hug up on your fur babies without looking like one. They remove Kleenex left in your pockets and lint, which all goes to the lint catcher and does not stick to the balls.

Merino wool is also the softest known wool. Because of its softness and high wicking capability it is the wool of choice for wool socks, nautical, athletic and outdoor wear and hunting gear.

Do note the more Woolly Wonderfuls you have in your dryer the more your drying time will be reduced.

Woolly Wonderfuls: Questions & Answers


Important! Not all wool dryer balls are the same!

Please be aware there is a difference in wool capabilities and strengths based on scientific fact. We, unfortunately, cannot advise on others, especially imported ones that most likely being made with substandard wool, a non-wool center filler and an unknown (all-important) finishing process. 

There is a download of these Q&A at the bottom of this page. 

Please print them out and keep by your dryer for future reference.

Can I use Woolly Wonderfuls if I'm allergic to wool?

Yes, you can. Wool itself is hypoallergenic. There are 3 reasons people are allergic to wool. 1) They are allergic to the lanolin on the wool. Woolly Wonderfuls are washed 6 times by the time you receive them so the lanolin pretty much has been washed off. 2) Most wool mills spray a man-made synthetic oil on the wool to control static when they are carding (combing) it. People can be allergic to this oil. 3) The  person;s skin has contact with just plain itchy wool that irritates their skin. 

Do I have to stop using dryer sheet/fabric softener?

Yes. Dryer sheets or fabric softeners leave toxic residue on anything they touch, including your skin and the air we breathe! This residue will also plug up the special vents in Woolly Wonderfuls’ wool fiber causing them not to be able to wick moisture from wet laundry and create their wonderful magic.  

How do I transition from using dryer sheets/fabric softener to Woolly Wonderfuls?

Cold Turkey! Replace your dryer sheets and/or fabric softener completely with three or more Woolly Wonderfuls dryer balls. Once you make this replacement, use your Woolly Wonderfuls for four weeks then wash them. Repeat this for the first four to six months. Upon completion of this time frame, use Woolly Wonderfuls continually and wash them once a year.

If you have never used dryer sheets or fabric softener disregard the step, use Woolly Wonderfuls continually and wash them once a year.

How do I wash my Woolly Wonderfuls?

Place Woolly Wonderfuls in a lady's nylon pantyhose leg, cut the pantyhose leg to length needed, tie a small knot at one end, place your Woolly Wonderfuls into it. Then tie between each dryer ball  so they are snug in the nylon leg and it looks like a caterpillar of balls, then tie the other end.

Once you have this done, throw it in with a load of hot water laundry. Wash as you normally would, adding laundry detergent and 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar, but no bleach. The white vinegar will re-balance the Ph in the wool. It will also deodorize, soften and sanitize the fabrics and washer drum but it will not leave them smelling like vinegar. We promise!

When the load is done, remove the dryer balls from the pantyhose leg and dry with that same load. 

How Long Will Woolly Wonderfuls Last?

We guarantee you will love your Woolly Wonderfuls and with an annual hot water wash they should last at least 20 - 30 years!

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Will Woolly Wonderfuls come apart or shed wool fibers on laundry?

They should not come apart with normal laundry use. If one ever does, give us a call and we will replace it free of charge upon receipt of defective one. They should not shed wool fibers either but they will remove lint and pet hair off of fabrics. 

Do Woolly Wonderfuls smell like wool or will they leave a wool smell in my dryer or on my clothes?

Nope. The wool has been thoroughly and organically washed at the mill, removing grime and the majority of natural lanolin from it. Then we wash it multiple times during the felting process. This leaves Woolly Wonderfuls not only without any wool scent but without any scent.   

Will Woolly Wonderfuls be noisy in my dryer?

Nope. Unlike tennis balls, plastic spiky dryer balls or other smaller wool dryer balls, Woolly Wonderfuls' overly large size allows them to be quiet and unheard in the dryer as they tumble around with your laundry. 

Can I remove pet hair with Woolly Wonderfuls?

Woolly Wonderfuls will remove lint and pet hair from fabric. So make sure to check your lint screen regularly. Neither lint nor pet hair will stick to Woolly Wonderfuls. It will go onto the lint screen. 

Static, Static and more Static! Do Woolly Wonderfuls remove static?

You should have NO static when using Woolly Wonderfuls! They do work the best in eliminating static in natural fiber fabrics though.

If you have a few items of synthetic fabric in with your natural fiber laundry or live in a colder climate, we recommend you securely pin a few large safety pins well onto the surface of the Woolly Wonderfuls. The safety pins will act as a conduit for the static. We don’t recommend using an aluminum ball in with your laundry because aluminum has been questioned in connection with harmful health effects in humans. We would rather you be  safe than sorry.    

If the safety pin doesn't remove a satisfactory amount of static, we recommend you wash and dry your synthetic fabric separately from other natural fabrics. When you dry a load of synthetics only turn your drying time down 75% and temp to low heat or air fluff. Adjusting these two things should eliminate all static from synthetics. 

We do recommend you use White Vinegar in your wash cycle to help cut down on static and aid in additional softness to your laundry. 

Don’t forget to set your timer back on your dryer so as not to over dry when using Woolly Wonderfuls. Moisture sensing timers will automatically react to the shorter time. But, even so, check your laundry load when using a moisture sensor. We have found that even with sensors they can also be set to half the time. 

If you still have static, call us, 248-929-1407, and we will try to figure out why and how to eliminate it with you. You shouldn't have any!

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Can I use essential oil on Woolly Wonderfuls to fragrance my laundry?

Yes, you can place a few drops of essential oil on one or more of the wool balls, depending on the strength of the aroma you would like on your laundry. Depending on the quality of the oil and how dry your fabrics are when you add the oil (the drier the better), you should be  able to get 2 to 5 loads of aroma.

If you add the oil after your fabrics are dry to get the strongest aroma make sure your dryer is set to  “air fluff or no heat” as adding heat to fabrics that are already dry will cause static. 

We recommend using three or more Woolly Wonderfuls without essential oils to reduce your drying time and achieve all the other great benefits Woolly Wonderfuls provide and set aside one ball for aroma use only. 


For Instance, we have heard from our customers that they will keep one Woolly Wonderfuls with Lavender essential oil on it and one with a "pick-me-up" essential oil, such as Lemon or Citrus aroma. Before they go to bed they will toss their pajamas or pillow case into the dryer with the Lavender scented Woolly Wonderfuls for a few minutes on air-fluff/no heat. The Lavender aroma will aid in falling asleep faster and obtain a more restful sleep.   

In the morning, folks will toss their clothes for the day in the dryer for a few minutes, on air fluff/no heat, with the Woolly Wonderfuls that have the chosen pick-me-up essential oil aroma to get a fresh step aroma to start their day. 

Will the essential oils stain my clothes?

With over 100,000 Woolly Wonderfuls out there we have yet to hear of essential oils staining fabrics. Some oils will leave a spot on the Woolly Wonderfuls but it will eventually disappear.    

My Woolly Wonderfuls are pilling. Is this normal?

Yes, because they are tumbling around with your clothes they will form small pills on their surface just as a well loved sweater will. This will not affect the wonderful results they will provide. If you don’t like the look of these small pills, they can be cut off in the same manner you would remove them from any other fabric.

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Download Care Sheet

Woolly Wonderfuls Care Sheet (pdf)




Plain and simple, dryer sheets, and fabric softener, cause hormone imbalance, neurotoxicity, respiratory problems, and even cancer!

 They also pollute the environment inside your house AND out.


In addition to all the chemicals that end up on your skin, when heated, the fumes are also toxic. These toxins go straight to your brain’s most sensitive neurological centers and wreck havoc.

 1. Artificial Fragrances–When you use dryer sheets, you are coating your fabrics with artificial chemical perfumes. These fragrance are known carcinogens that cause liver damage and cancer in mammals.

A recent international study showed vapors emitted from dryer vents to have extremely high concentrations of acetaldehyde, acetone, and ethanol (two of which are considered carcinogenic). 

 2.  Alpha-Terpineol–This chemical has been linked to disorders of the brain and nervous system, loss of muscle control, depression, and headaches.

3.  Benzyl acetate–Benzyl acetate has been linked to cancer of the pancreas.


4.  Benzyl alcohol–This upper respiratory tract irritant can cause central nervous system (CNS) disorders, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and dramatic drops in blood pressure.

5.  Chloroform–Neurotoxic, anesthetic and carcinogenic. Really toxic to your brain. Inhaling its vapors may cause loss of consciousness, nausea, headache, vomiting, and/or dizziness, drowsiness.

6.  Ethanol– Another fabric softener ingredient which is on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list and linked to CNS disorders.

7.  Ethyl Acetate–causes headaches and is on the EPA Hazardous Waste list.

8.  Linalool–in studies, this chemical caused loss of muscle coordination, nervous system and brain disorders, and depression.

9.  Pentane–causes headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, and depression.

 What’s the alternative to toxic dryer sheets?  

Our 100% Merino Wool balls, Woolly Wonderfuls!

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